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  1. http://l2omen.com Grand Opening : 1 November 2013 RATES - Experience (XP): x45 - Skill Points (SP): x45 - Drop (Adena): x20 - Drop (Items): x20 - Spoil: x15 - Drop (Raidboss): x10 - Drop (GrandBoss): x2 - Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 QUESTS - Drop (Quest Item): x5 - Quest Reward: x1 alliance with varka silenos alliance with ketra orcs broken relics Seekers of the Holy Grail hunt of the golden ram the finest food seekers of the holy grail guardians of the holy grail war with the ketra orcs war with the varka silenos gather the flames legacy of the
  2. any greek experienced player pm me to join my team
  3. am w8ing for the grand opening!!!!!!