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  1. Thanks ! Still selling +6 seraph leather set 3x120
  2. Still Selling +6 Seraph leather set +6 3x120 3b adena !
  3. I have 3b in stock atm 1b=50 usd 3b=140 usd http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/170824-wts-epicsitems-core/ My old thread. Paypal only~ ty skype: benbingolol
  4. soul aq ring for 300 usd still got 10 b adena left and Seraph leather set +6 3x120 1b Adena= 50 usd
  5. Still selling Soul Aq+Frint, Istina earring, zaken earring 3b+ adena +6 seraph leather set 3x120 !
  6. Does any1 know about Wolverine ? He been a member here for 1.5 years~ Don't want to get scammed agian. But i can't find a post by him, even tho he has over 1xx posts~ So why did you guys clear the data base or something?