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  1. Wts Adena in Innova eu, Core server. Current stock: 10b 35eu/1b, no discounts, payments via paypal gifts. skype: kablys139 IF YOU PM ME, YOU AGREE TO SEND MONEY FIRST.
  2. My friend is quiting, therefore I am selling mucho stuff. R99 robe set+6 5b - 280eu - SOLD R99 retri +4+acu+300 2.2b-120eu R99 blessed caster +4+acu+300 4.4b - 240eu R95 blessed buster +4+2sa+300 2.2b - 120eu Queen Ant's Soul Ring 5.3b - 300eu Istina's Ring Wiz 1.5b - 80eu SOLD Istina's Earring 1.7b - 90eu Istina's Necklace Wiz 900kk - 50eu Zaken's Earring 500kk - 30eu - SOLD Hunter's Talisman 1.3b - 70eu - SOLD At the moment adena stock is 13b - 5.5eu/100kk Pm here or add me on skype kablys139 If you are pming me, you agree to send money first. Only discussion might be about pric
  3. fast and trustable, bought acc from him, dealt within 10mins, no problems at all :)
  4. any actions will be taken about this scum?
  5. edited 1st post with screens
  6. MXC nick: dany1990 story: made Lineage2 trade (valakas), we agreed that he will pay half real money, half in game currency, but after an ingame trade just disappeared from skype and doesnt reply in MXC, and I did not get the money. skype name: dgv1990dany Proof: http://s11.postimg.org/dxebk76j7/scr1.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/bc45ixrrn/scr2.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/5qmbsmggj/scr3.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/uvdc61fwz/scr4.jpg
  7. sold everything, was fun dealing with some people :)