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  1. Hello everyone, For several days i've been contacting all the adrenaline resellers trying to get a license for adrenaline, but nowadays no one sells, i've used adrenaline in the past, but i've came back to l2 in the recent days. Everyone mentions the elite status and that I need someone to vouch for me in order to be able to buy the elite status, the problem is that I don't know any1 who has it. la2bot.eu,l2soft.eu,adrenalinebot.com, etc... Any help is welcome. Kind regards, Amaral
  2. Hi guys, As shown in the picture, im not able to see the skills on the skill bar while watching the reeplays, any idea?
  3. Yes, i've had the l2 editor on cloud, and I couldn't do it while i've had it there. Folder exception on antivirus aswell. Goodluck for everyone with the same problem, anything feel free to DM me. Best regards, João
  4. Hello guys, As the title says, i'm editing l2interface.xdat on freya client, but for some reason i'm not being able to drag items/skills into the bar for some reason. Image:https://ibb.co/L9xVWz1 That bar is from: FlightShipCtrlWnd Enabled the alwaysShowOutline in order to guarantee that the shortcut is in the right position. Any ideas? Best regards, João
  5. For some reason i've tried different file editors but always got the same errors, are there any system requirements (.net framework,etc...) that need to be updated? thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the reply mate! Tried with multiple files, got the same problem with all of them. Any other ideas? Version Freya, OS: Windows 10. Thanks, João
  7. pop up error: возможно не закодировано. Открыть как незакодированный файл? EN: possibly not coded. Open as unencoded file?
  8. Hello, As the title says i'm having a bad time when opening the dat files on file editor, i've got them patched, but somehow it says that it was decoded succesfully but there's only an "L" on the screen. Here's the log. English: | Decode the file: skillgrp.dat | File open in ASCII encoding: skillgrp.dat RU: | Декодируем файл: skillgrp.dat | Файл открыт в кодировке ASCII: skillgrp.dat Has anyone went through this? Best regards, João
  9. Hello all, im trying to teleport from town, to a spot(with ALT+B). Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome'); (it does this step) Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgetfav'); (it does this step) Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper'); (it does this step) Engine.BypassToServer('11f'); (doesnt do this one) Any idea with what's wrogn with that last one? i have no idea, thx for the attention