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  1. So, from my side, the solutions that I see right now are AdvExt + SmartGuard or Vanganth with Asmodeus's antibot. I can't compare the prices because I still don't know how much is the Vanganth extender. :)
  2. Why is Smart Guard so expensive on your website and on their website is with 100$ less ?
  3. Any other method ? Or can you point me to someone from his circles ? Thanks !
  4. Welcome and have fun ! :) Read the rules, also
  5. From what I see right now, there are no extenders for L2OFF with Hellbound or any stable l2j packs with it. :) But Hellbound is a good chronicle, not so much farm and the pvp is great if you edit the nuker damage a little.
  6. Why we don't see private server run on Hellbound ? I haven't seen a Hellbound server in ages... In my opinion, is the best chronicle at farm and pvp. /discuss about L2J/L2OFF hellbound
  7. Stop spamming the topic, your server is a fail . up, still searching for one :)