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  1. WTS lvl 59 PlainsWalker Talking Island NA ClassicEquipped with Theca setI ofc give original email.Skype: Schmidt1337
  2. WTS lvl 57 SE Talking Island Skype: Schmidt1337
  3. WTS lvl 50 Warlock Talking Island Skype: Schmidt1337 Cheap price!
  4. MarianG is defiantly not a scammer. I bought this key as well and we discussed if it worked for l2 classic. Since it didn't work for NA classic(needs a specific license key for that) he refunded me the money.
  5. Hi. Im buyin Ncoins, lookin for about 4000-5000 Skype: Schmidt1337
  6. Hi, Selling adena on Talking Island for 10$ per 1kk Skype: Schmidt1337
  7. Hi, Im selling my lvl 42 SE with only quest gear. Server NA Talking Island Classic Skype: Schmidt1337
  8. Selling lvl 29 Human Wizard with 470k D grade weapon SE lvl 29 with quest gear Accounts have about 1kk in adena too Skype: Schmidt1337
  9. I have always the cheapest price. Add me on Skype to negotiate or buy Skype: schmidt1337
  10. WTS lvl 44 HE full C grade [skelt Eu classic] Skype: Schmidt1337
  11. WTS lvl 43,50 PP, 44 HE [skelth EU Classic] Skype: Schmidt1337