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  1. Hello maxcheater members , we are selling votes on the following websites. 1. xtremetop100 (to be safe, I think we can say top 5-10 positions) (Slots -2) 2. openwow (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) (slots 3) 3. Gamesites200 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) (Uncoded at the moment, but it can be done for a fee of 100$) (slots 2) If you are interested in buying votes or if you need more information, you can contact us by adding on skype. Skype : dzilla_
  2. This repack includes: full 4.3.4 (Cataclysm) support. Core: Trinity Core. Database: Trinity Core Database(clean TDB). It also has MMAPS,VMAPS,MAPS,DBC,Xampp and much more. The repack is ready to go meaning you can launch the mysql and by clicking the authserver and worldserver exes it is ready to go. All of the features were tested some were even improved a little bit to provide closer blizzlike experience. Spells and talents are working: Death Knights are working as intended. Druids are working as intended. Hunters are working as intended. Mages are working as intended. Paladins are worki
  3. Hey guys i'm willing to buy L2jfrozen automatic donation system example : If someone donates via paypal from website they get points or coins for payment and for those points/coins of website they can buy rewards from donation reward panel.
  4. thanks for pointing out :) edited (added tag)
  5. Server Rates XP: x20 SP: x20 Adena: x25 Drop: x10 Server Specification RAM: 24 GB Processor Speed: AMD Athlon II x4 605e Processor 2.30 GHz Connection: 100mbps unmetered Hosting Location: USA Screenshots Features : http://l2string.com/features.php Homepage : http://l2string.com/ Forum : http://l2string.com/forum/forum.php
  6. if you have problem you must refund the money?
  7. i sent him payment 13-14 days ago but havn't received my votes :/ he asked me for advanced payment and said on 1st march he will provide me bonus votes on gs200 , he isn't even replying me from 2-4 days on skype.