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  1. Hi, I have domain for sale (www.lineage2.so) as no longer required. Domain registered at IV.Lt in Lithuania transferable to other country! No time wasters please. As well have a design for sale already coded in html + css and with psd file worth 150 USD but unused. Please click on image for larger view please notice preview photo is 30% smaller to prevent from duplicate. Also available for Ruined Studio CMS with auction donate account control and much more for additional price! Leave comment with Your offer and contacts or skype me on existas911. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, I know its possible to broadcast packets with textures to players, I've see before on some interlude server, spend all day looking for any information or example. P.s. I'm working with interlude. And yes I 100% sure that its possible on interlude client.
  3. Hi, just done a video guide to how edit splash screen, I hope that's gonna help you. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/180032-guide-lineage-2-custom-splash-screen/
  4. Hi, as people still asking questions how to make a custom splash screens, and I was about doing to my new project I decide to make a Video guide for changing splash screen. Sorry for my English, anyway that's was my first and last video guide :D Download tools used in video: http://www.4shared.com/zip/f8bLZgtKba/tools.html? I hope that's helped to someone.
  5. neblogai, tik su paskutinio spalsh'ais galejai biski labiau pasistenkti :)
  6. Hello, L2 PARADISE [ interlude MID rate type ] server in TEST mode starting tomorrow! Server Information: Client: Lineage II INTRLUDE(c6) Style: MID - Hard type XP: x75 SP: x75 Drop: x25 Spoil: x30 Adena: x75 GrandBoss Jewels Drop: x1 Quest Item Reward: x6 Quest Drop: x8 Starting Adena 50.000 Spawn Protection 30sec Starting Level 1. There are no NPC buffer or other custom NPC like Catacomb's GateKeeper or mammons in town. Server got 1 custom npc and its is a GM shop till B grd, with soulshot, mp potion and other stuff. Buff time is retail time (PRP/SE
  7. You have any better solution? server dead from start online maximum was 7ppl. All want new start, with more advertising.