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  1. i tried to IL version, but when i get into game its like dark shadows around my char and i cant see anything..... Really weird :( is this something to do coz im runing win7 64
  2. ok ty :) i will just find another server hehe, I really dont got time to grind and get vesper while 90% of the clans on the server got it lol! ty for this anyways im sure it will work fine on some other server!
  3. so there is no way going past that shit hehe :D
  4. yeah they got anitbot, but i would get autobanned if that did work at all. Coz i got it last time i tried another bot lol :) I am using IG but no success :D
  5. Everything working fine except when i get into game, when i write password/loginauth the game just crashes when i press login. Im playing at l2toxic. Any suggestions?