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  1. I'll be online this afternoon/evening add me in skype for instant adena. Only 10b in stock.
  2. Hi! After some time away I come back with 10 more billions in Core. Add me in skype.
  3. Updated stock, i'll be online in skype for a while.
  4. I'll be online today for some hours in skype (not sure how many). Updated Stock!
  5. Today also online! Stock Updated! add me in skype
  6. Stock Updated! I'll be online in skype today, same price 35 € / billion.
  7. Payment -> Paypal Instant delivery by ingame mail. Stock: 0 b Price: 35 € / billion (L2 Core EU) Skype: thanl2
  8. Stock updated, i'll be online in skype several hours from now. Skype: thanl2
  9. I've updated the stock, i'll be online in skype the rest of the day. Skype: thanl2
  10. Time to quit the game, and sell out! So for all of you who are interested in buying adena in Core server: Price: 55 € x billion Current Stock: 28 b The trade will be as normaly done -> money first (paypal gift) and the adena sent by mail in game. Please PM me in forum since i'll only turn on skype/wassup or whatever program you wanna use to comunicate for doing the trade after reading your pm here.
  11. R95 Set(light&robe) + bow + jewells Want to sell for adena/items in Core server.