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  1. Bump, support homegrown don't buy from websites! Organic Adena is Best Adena.
  2. Bump, non-mad prices available and even less mad prices for higher quantities bought.
  3. Not mad bros, price negotiable depending on how much adena you seek, got billions in stock.
  4. Looking for $80/bil Can't seem to PM so to avoid cluttering up the thread hit me up on MSN or email please :) Noticed you have donator status which apparently you need to be able to PM, which I actually paid for but seems to not have been activated yet.
  5. Have massive stock of Adena on Chronos, although I'm new to this site I'm not new to selling Adena and can provide plenty of references. Payments through Paypal. PM here or MSN/E-mail at thebandfruity@hotmail.com EDIT: No resellers/websites please :)