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  1. Good evening, Thanks for replies, according to what Tryskell said overup... i changed html, xml and admincommandheadlers, and i got a couple of crashes, for sure bcs of me :) doing some changes, i fixed the main panel, with some sub-menu's. Ill keep on this way. maybe someone wants a different admin panel... would be a good idea. considering that the release (l2Admins rev.452) seems very good, with just few things to fix. thanks :*
  2. Hello everyone, I've built a server using L2jAdmins project, but i dont like admin menu, if i replace the html files and xml's, dont work, please can u help me to do it?- thanks.
  3. thanks for replies, just for info, im using "J-Build-R10-C4". im continuosly searching for every config file, about switching language, but nothing. BTW every Html inside the package was in Russian, and nothing showed in the Npc's dialogues, once replaced with english ones, everything's got ok. except that damned messages. Considering that im not pro in this field, im planning to change source to avoid this "situation". L2jLisvus would be the better choice. Thanks thousand everyone gived me explanation, and for your time. Regards, Fabio.
  4. I really dont understand what you said. please can You tell me which is the way to solve the issue (what file to modify, for example :( ) im trying to open every file in the server folder (sql, jar, class, cfg), searching for something, but nothing... help Q_Q
  5. Hello everyone, maybe it's my first post, and something about correct section wrong :D. I've opened my own l2j local server, everything went ok, except system messages related to gm commands (es. Server is restarting, please avoid to use gatekeeper... bla bla). Please may i know how to change restart, shutdown and maintenance messages from russian to english language. im getting crazy QQ. thanks in advance. Fabio. ps. photo attached.