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  1. when someone succesfully packet hax a server I want to see screens because IMO it's impossible
  2. put on demons set reade memory take off demons set read memory set to 0 not a hack
  3. It is real but its just a program for admin commands that server is obviously a private one seeing as there is no mobs up so he probally didnt start l2npc.exe not a hack but makes a funny video
  4. wasnt because of me well maybe a little bit zenith decided to give up on the server. so now drake and gmnqx are making a new one
  5. didnt do it through html it was acual hacking hacking not some cheap blacklabel hax
  6. coincidently I made my last stand on the server the last night it was up LOL I hacked and cheated before and was caught so this time I was going big and whats bigger than a aden siege ??
  7. injected the server database giving myself builder 1
  8. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PKZJORVD was rather funny considering it was last night of the server
  9. wpe wont work for l2 private servers since the server side packets stay serverside as a single block of data. In otherwords impossible to packet hack.
  10. BTW im not a gm. Ill just say art money is very nice
  11. hell gimme a +31 bop ill go own baium. although can allready do that if overbuffed
  12. does not work that one is soooo old. I play Idragon btw