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  1. That why this server not died from ddos attack,because DeathLegend Is pro.
  2. Beast we put only 2 Aguments for donators,how we will pay 360 Euro every month ?
  3. Agument System changed. -you can have 1 active and 1 passive now -All Aguments Skill Increased. Thanks
  4. DeathLegend you try to close this server,but you dont have chance as i can see,you are taking ppl from server and saying bullsh1ts,about same IP or i dont know what ever. Please stop Spam and try to repsect us. Thanks.
  5. Publick,if you spam another server i think every one will make same with me. Crystalia Buff's Slots Changed as players say. i made there poll and 70% of server voted 36 buff slots.
  6. Updates -Mage Fixed -Archer Fixed -Daggers Fixed -Dominator Fixed -Vote Reward Fixed -Some Skills Fixed to. ---------------------------------------- P.S some ppl realy fuck it up,how you can Say for 1 Interlude PvP server we need 100% balance ? There is 3 Reason which you cant make 1 c6 pvp server balanced. -1 Full Buffs. -2 Enchant Rates -3 -15% from Interlude Client. So please stop spam. And we are trying to make the best for our server.
  7. Guys why you are spaming as i have say before after restart everything will be fixed.
  8. Hello again Guys! Ol fixed mage increased just we need 1 restart ,we want finish first with all and in the evening server will be restart! New Record Online: 459 Online!
  9. Hello every 1,Raid Boss have spawned. We are making 1 big update,till the evening all reports which you have report to our staff will be fixed thanks.
  10. sps all mages and Ol to fixed guys,just need 1 restart!
  11. All Mage class Increased a little Dagger Fixed OL Decreased Some skills which we had report fixed. Added Top Manager Top PvP Top Pk Top Vote Item Top Farm Item Top Clan
  12. as you can see Guys there is many ppl and good balance,but we are still working for more balance! and Perfect gameplay!
  13. Patch is up! Join in our forum www.L2Awakening.net/forum
  14. 3 hours till the grand opening ,Join in Our forum www.L2Awakening.net/forum !!
  15. If you dont have hit the raid boss,or your party dont have hit raid boss before you will not take reward.
  16. Our First Clan Event The 1st 5 clans in our server with more than 10 members will get 1k reputation points/member,for example if you got 15 clan parents your clan will be rewarded with 15k clan reputation points. >>> http://www.l2awakening.net/forum/index.php?topic=11.0
  17. If someone want 1 signature from us put this one thanks. Signature : [img=http://i.imgur.com/FXu7s.gif]
  18. Site Is Up /Forum Is up P.S we are working On forum template! Join us now! http://www.l2awakening.net
  19. we are working mate,we are trying to do the best. By the way Our forum just installed.
  20. Some Info's about our ddos protections. -Our ddos protection taked from a russian big company. -Our ddos protection can ressist 30GBpps P.S If someone know about ddos attack power,they know how many is 30GBpps.
  21. guys :) Only god can close it from ddos :) trust me :) i have open wow server 8 months before ,many big russian attacker's try to attack us ,but they cant :) WOW server still alive :)