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  1. Yul Ghost Sentinel 99 Dual 85 Eternal Set 120x3 No weapon Tons of vita pots, rose buff, etc pm offer more info on pm
  2. WTS Adena 2,5b Char: Tyrr Warrior 93 [Twilight Heavy Armor+Twilight Jewels+Apocalypse Stormer 300] Enchanter 86 [immortal Gear]
  3. Tyr Warrior 93 40% Gear: Twilight Heavy set+Twilight Jewels+Apo DUals+4 300 SA+Apo Stormer 300+4 Iss Enchanter 86 Gear: R grade from Mentor System Feoh Wizard 91 Gear: Twilight Robe set+Apo retributer 300 pm here for info
  4. 66 Champions Silver account 9 rune pages Skins: Foxfire Ahri Infernal Alistar Amethyst Ashe Red Baron Corki Pulsefire Ezreal Gragas, Esq. Mafia Graves Frostblade Irelia Frost Queen Janna Mercenary Katarina Artic Ops Kennen Muay Thai Lee Sin Pharaoh Nidalee Musketeer Twisted Fate Blight Crystal Varus Blood Lord Vladimir
  5. Both chars geared Tyrr Warrior 89: -Twilight Heavy -Apocalypse Duals+4 Health 300 -Apocalypse Stormer+4 150 -Twilight Jewels Aeore Healer 89: -Twilight Robe full 3x60 -Apocalypse Caster Acumen -Twilight Jewels I have also 1,8b adena to sell I hear all offers pm here or mail me to l2mainacc@gmail.com