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  1. FOR SELL: Archer HawkEye 43 level with fallowing gear: Akat Long Bow Plated Leather Set Top D jewells set +3/+2 Dye: +12STR / -15CON Clear toon non botted, none enemyies on server, nonfactor clan. Contact: pm here.
  2. Class: Sigel Knight Rase: Elf, female Subs: Iss enchanter 85, Eva's Saint 80 (prayer ++ / Mana gain ++), Soultaker 78 Gear: - Seraph set all +3, more than 1k atri (most dark/earth resist) - Seraph jewells all +3 - Belt + pvp defense - In wh all heavy sets (immortal, twilight) - About 20 talismans - 100kk adena - Dye +12 con - 4x XP rune 1h - 12x Nevit 1h - 6x Vit tea 30min Nice english simple nick. PayPal or Moneybookers. More info at kazyns [at] gmail.com or forum PM.
  3. Hey, want to buy tank on core server lvl 95 or more. Contact PM at forum or mail kazyns[at]gmail.com Cheers.