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  1. Hello Players, I am selling Saint Spear +Haste 250euros Heavens Divider +Focus 250 euros Tallum Heavy set 100 euros TT unsealed set 100 euros If someone buy them as a package the price is (550euros) Also adenas 1kk=0,7euros The transaction will be executed via Paypal (friends) option.Also i can use Middleman but the cost will be charged on the buyer.
  2. Dear Players, I am selling the following as a package. x1 TT set unsealed +0 x1 HD Focus +0 x1 Tallum Heavy set safe enchanted The price is 650euros. The transaction is going to executed via Paypall or Revolut. We can also use Middleman. For contact DM me here.
  3. Dear Players, I am selling on L2 Reborn the following items: S grade 1x HD FOCUS +0 1x TT set +0 A grade 1x TALLUM HEAVY set safe enchanted 1x Halberd HASTE +3 B grade 1x BW HEAVY SET safe enchanted 1x BO set safe enchanted The transaction will be made only with Paypal or Revolut. Our Communication also remain on this site by DM. No Discord,only Skype if you want alternative way of messaging.
  4. Dear Gentlemen, I am Selling Bounty Hunter lvl75 naked without items on L2 Reborn x1. Contact me through DM here on MXC. Payments via Paypal or Revolut only.
  5. Dear Gentlemen, I am selling Bounty Hunter 72lvl without items on L2 Reborn x1 Contact me through the Dm. The payment is going to be executed via Paypal or Revolut. With Regards.
  6. Dear Gentlemen, I am selling Bounty Hunter 70lvl without items on L2 Reborn x1 Payment via Paypal or Revolut. Contact me through DM on this site. With Regards,
  7. Dear Gentlemen, I revise this article, I am selling only the character without items. Contact with me via DM. Thank you in advance. With Regards,
  8. Dear Gentlemen, I am selling a bounty hunter 70lvl with the following gear TALLUM HEAVY SET +4/3/3/3 AOBA haste +3 BO set +3 BW HEAVY SET +3/3/3/3/3 Adena 50kk Also everything i have on my WH (amount of mats/recs/parts). Please contact with me via Direct message through MXC. The payment is going to conducted via Paypal or Revolut. With Regards
  9. Hello everyone the remaining chars SPH 63+ EE 62 SE 62 BD 60 WC 60 PONY 52 PP 53 DESTRO 56
  10. Crafter 55lvl with full mats and some a grade on book SPH 63+lvl with valhala acumen + karmian set + jewls c grade EE 62lvl SE 62lvl Spoiler 55lvl with theca set Pony 52lvl BD 60lvl SWS 60lvl WC 60lvl PP 53lvl Destro 56lvl Also I have 45kk and some mats/recs contact with me via email nahequpa@gmail.com
  11. I am selling Key for 29 days unlimited boxes