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  1. Vanganth's better than your team. He doesn't need a team to provide a professional work and support. I suggest you to try Vanganth's one, is cheap.
  2. I would like to sell my L2OFF Interlude Vanganth license. It comes with license, last files, access to his SVN, his custom Authd that allow you to add proxies ( the custom authd cost 50 euros ) and some tools ( e.g: gf,int compiler/decompiler ). The pack also contain almost all quests fixed ( all quests which I tested works correctly -Primeval Island ), some skills fixed ( rest of V. Pack ) and some more. I payed for these fixes 100 euros. Everything comes with tests on a private machine. Price: 185 euros Contact: dubluw_sesa @ Skype Price updated: 150 euros Price updated: 130 euro