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  1. Well why i`m sure its working...a guy(enemy ingame) just told me some days ago,how much hp/mp i got w/o to even know my lvl.And he can mage frenzy without clicking the skill damn....its automatic when he reach 30% hp :| so its fucking working i just dun know how :|
  2. And about that version 10.7.4+?Does any1 knows how to make it work?Cuz with my version 1.6 can`t make cat buffs from walker. Well the server got antibot system,but i saw somewhere on forums here that i need to rename those .exe and should work...maybe its my igw version that doesn`t work?
  3. The server got an antibot system,i got 2 .exe in my system,i renamed 1 so i could connect w/o "file size error" 1)yeap i modified the host 2)version 3_0 the right one 3)yeap P.S when i try to enter in l2w 10.7.4 i got an error. Windows blab bla and i got 2 options send error and don`t send error....
  4. Well guys i got like 2 problems.. 1st one:-->I tryed and shit tryed a lot i wanan mean,to make the ig walker for l2forever to work,in the begining was the file size error,and now i write my acc ,press login and nothing happens...would be nice if i could attain some support. 2nd-->l2 ogg walker 10.7.4+ ,i want cat buffs from my walker...but can`t make it work,i got always login server failed... [DEFAULT] CountryList=L2Forever; DefaultCountry=0 DefaultServer=0 DefaultCharacter=0 DefaultAccount= DefaultPassWord= [L2Forever] LoginServerIP= L