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  1. Lineage II FragPoint Web: www.fragpointl2.com.ar Forum: www.fragpoint.com.ar rates XP = x10 SP = x5 Adena = x9 Item = x7 Spoil = x7 Raid = x10 Grand = 5 Safe = 4 Max = 25 Caracteristicas No custom.... :( Quest 100%... Nobles y subclass quest Auto Leard Skill classs 1 y 2 royal cat for adena 3 quest Event auto TvT (9:00,18:00,21:00,3:00) Ctf (12:00,18:00) Hide And Seek Event HaS (13:00,19:03) Handy's Block Checker Event (Monday) Town War Event (First sunday) Castle sieng (Day and Hours) Olympid for 2 wekens
  2. I solved the problem was the appserver that was not compatible with mysql script thanks and greetings
  3. Hello I have a problem when trying to open the gameserver, in the photo below I show http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/6155/36025000.jpg¨ before I could lift the server but I had to format my pc ...
  4. I have a problem already changes host, and it appears to me east problem that is what I am making bad? :-\