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  1. WTS RPG-club x7 chars/items/adena Chars: Shillien Templar: 83 [nobless +] [subclass +] [3 subclass certification skills 75lvl] Spectral Dancer: 85 [nobless +] [subclass +] [3 subclass certification skills 75lvl] (all skills +10/+15) Evas Saint: lv 82 [nobless +] [subclass +] [0 subclass Certification skills 75lvl] (extra on acc: EE 41, EE 61) Items: vesper dual swords +7 forgotten blade draconic bow angel slayer x2 staff of evil spirits vorpal heavy set vesper heavy set imperial crusader heavy set Pets+items 10,11,12,15 stage soul crystals
  2. WTS (Shilen server) Siegel Knight 90lvl + items DE Female colored nickname and title 54 lvl tyrant subclass Items: Twilight heavy set [all parts +3] breastplate, gaiters - full boots, gauntlets, helmet, shield - bound Twilight jevels [all parts +3] all bound Apocalypse cutter [bound] Istina bracelet 5k mentee's mark 35kk aden and some more useful items... Accepting verifyed Paypal only, for any additional information pm me here or mail/skype. Contacts: Skype: unreaden Email: unreaden@gmail.com
  3. Thanks a lot:) I have another problem right now... I can not login into my server. I entered login and password, pressed login and that's it, nothing happens. (Server has auto account creation function)
  4. Hi! I'm trying to create L2j T2.4 server... I installed L2 unstable data pack and unstable server packs. I made all the setups and stuff... But I don't know what to do whit system folder... There's no system in my L2 server folder... I'm trying to use system from other server, but shi* happens.. Critical errors and stuff like that... Can someone help me?