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[L2j] LineaGe II PVP Star's !!


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Welcome To Lineage II Snk PVP private SerVer

Ballanced 99% And Protected 100% ! Try It




    Experience Points Multiplier: 3000x

    Skill Points Multiplier: 3000x

    Adena Drop Multiplier: 3000x 

    Drop Multiplier: 1x

    Raid Boss Drop Multiplier: 1x


Enchant Rates


    Safe Armor Enchant: +6

    Max Armor Enchant : +25

    Safe Weapon Enchant: +6

    Max Weapon Enchant : +25

    Safe Jewels Enchant: +6

    Max Jewels Enchant : +25

    Normal Scroll: 80%

    Blessed Scroll: 90%


Crystal Scroll: 100%



Custom Weapon: Black vesper Weapon

And Armor Edited Vesper Blanze REd Color




    Global GateKeeper

    Custom GmShop

    Custom Shop

    Custom Buffer



PvP Colour System:Lv10


    Your nickname will get coloured with different colours once you get 400/600/800/1000/2500/5.000/10.000/2000 PvPs|Pks


Farm Zones



1) Baium Lair 2) Antharas Lair



PvP Zone



1) Baium Lair's Antharas Lair






When a Castle Lord enters the game, you will be informed by an announcement message!

Killing spree announce system (with PvP's)





    /unstuck command 20 seconds.




    Full geodata and pathnode are working 100%


Clan Repupation Item:


    Clan Rep Item Lv1 Rep's: 150 (Clan Lvl 5)

    Clan Rep Item Lv2 Rep's: 250 (Clan Lvl 5)

    Clan Rep Item Lv3 Rep's: 450 (Clan Lvl 5)

    Clan Rep Item Lv4 Rep's: 850 (Clan Lvl 6)

    Clan Rep Item Lv5 Rep's: 5000 (Clan Lvl 6)




Every 1 weeks New Heroes.

Start Time: 18:00 GMT+2.

End Time: 01:00 GMT+2.




Unique Voiced Commands:


.giran (teleport yiu in Giran Town)

.away .deposit Etc



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    • Promotional banners:  
    • We have added few new features for Second Edition of L2Etina. Check them out:   While streaming L2Etina, you will now receive L2Coins automatically.   Dwarves who have set private workshop, now automatically sell Crystallization to nearby players. For this service, they receive 10% of created crystals.   Before closing game, you will now see amount of earned experience, adena, total play time and acquired items.   You can now check Ranking of current and previous edition. This window can be found in Main Menu.   Party Window now have a special spot, showing if member has Noble Blessing.   Players from South America will be able to connect to the server by proxy.   Players who have supported first edition by donation, will now 2 weeks of free premium.   We have rewritten description of every buff, so they are now clear and handy. Vote rewards will be different for new edition, but exact items are not decided yet.   When spoil is successfull, you will now see special popup window. When you target monster who has been spoiled, you will see Spoil as a debuff.   Buff Store now have possibility to refuse to buff someone. Retail version of party matching was added back. Offline private stores now automatically disappear after 5 days. There are plenty more improvements and fixes, like ability to disable skill bar, multiple fixes to epic bosses, adjustments to aggro.
    • First of all thank you for fast answer. I have changed internal as you said but didn't work sir.
    • The difference isn't paying upfront or at the end of each week. The major difference is that paying clans to join, leads to leaders making random weak sides who play just for money and creates an extremely toxic fake competition in-game (i.e. l2 dex, e-global, valhalla and this kind of servers). Paying clans just to join absolutely kills the rivalry between them as there are no real losers and winners. Everyone gets paid at the end of every week so who cares right ?   Rewarding the winners with cash gives a massive motive to the leaders to create strong sides and try their best to win without giving any advantage to any clan (unlike paying people to join and basically giving them free premiums and whatnot). In this case, there will always be losers and winners and the rivalry will be kept alive.   I hope that clears up the massive difference between the 2 scenarios. Look at all those big russian servers. No1 makes fraps flaming about which side is better. Everyone cares about daily 9v9s or organized ones. There is no clan identity anymore because leaders simply don't care. They have been so detached from the clan's identity that most of the times the leader's CP holds a different name to the side's. This is a very important point to think about. 
    • change the server.ini  InternalHostname =     and try
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