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interlude Brand New L2 Gracia Final PVP Server 5000x www.l2-ultimate.de


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L2 Ultimate is running on a L2J, stable, modded Interlude version files We exist since 16.05.2008 trying to bring you as much fun as possible. our root server provides you entirely safe gameplay without any crashes, rollbacks at all!






Server Rates:


- Exp:5000x

- SP:100x

- Adena:500x

- Auto Skill Learn

- Drop chance:10x (seal stones:7x)

- Drop amount x3 Event Medals for buying Boss Jewlery

- Spoil:100x

- Quests amount:10x

- Karma Rate 5000x


General Informations :


- Dedicated 36 slots for Buff Skills

- Dedicated 12 slots for Dance/Song Skills

- Dedicated 12 slots for Debuff Skills

- Buffs 3 Hours

- Skill Certification System

- Olimpiad up to Gracia Final

- Weapon augmentation

- New clan system

- Death penalty

- TVT Event for 100 Medals 24 events a day

- S80 and S84 in GM-Shop in every Big Town

- 85 level for players - 80 for pets

- New Gracia Continent

- Hero skills

- Skills up to Gracia CT1 Working on lvl 83 Skills some areallready working

- Auto Pickup Drops ( Not from Raidboses )

- Boss Jewlery and other nice Stuff from Medal Shop

- Special Area for Medal Farming


And many, many more!




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