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[L2j]L2 Alpha Genesis

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Hello guys, feel free to join and try my server, L2 Alpha Genesis. The server source is from L2jOrion so you know that there are many many features included ;) 

The server is hosted in France with absolutely zero lag, Sguard is used and there are no bots around. Visit our website for more information and too keep up with the changes made. 

Official quest and crafting, really good geodata & balanced classes and mobs. This is an honest server =] 


PM me [ADMIN]Dino in-game ;)

Donations are disabled.

# All Grade Weapons Safe = 4
# All Grade Weapons Max = 16
# All Grade Armors/Jewels Safe = 4
# All Grade Armors/Jewels Max = 12
# Normal Enchant Scroll = 65%
# Bless Enchant Scroll = 75%
# Crystal Enchant Scroll = 100% (not included in game yet)

# Marketeer
    Auction House trades.
# GM Shop
    A & S Grade items are NOT included.
# Buffer
     Max Buffs: 38
# Global Gatekeeper
    Nobless areas will still not be available without the quest

--->Server Commands<---
# .buffs

# .sellbuffs
# .menu
# .online
# .gk
# .votereward
# .boss
# .repair
# /unstuck
# Alt + B

---> Other Features<---
# Champion Monsters - Rewards x 5.00
# Shift + Click gives you monster information as for stats and loot





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