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[EN] ProBux Strategy Guide / 30$ Daily

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Step 1:


First of all you will of course need to sign up to ProBux. You can do that by clicking the link below:




Step 2:


In this step, patience plays a big role. After signing up, your first priority is to get to 0.60$ account balance and then buy your first 3 Rented Referrals.

Getting this amount is not hard at all, If you put 15 Minutes each day into this site, you will be able to get this

amount within 2-3 days. I recommend clicking ALL the ads available everyday and

also do some very easy Tasks that pay 5-10 cents each. They are not surveys so dont worry, they wont take anymore than 1-3 minutes.

i personally made 1$ on the first day by doing some tasks and i didnt spend any more than 1 hour total.


Step 3:


After getting your 3 first rented referrals, your job will become a bit easier. Assuming your 3 rented referrals stay active, you will earn the following:


- 3 Rented Referrals x 6 clicks at $0.005 each = $0.09 / day

- Clicking ads assigned to you, approx $0.09 / day

= For a total of $0.18 / day.


(The average click a referral make is around 6. This amount can be as high as 15 clicks per day or lower.)

(You will have around 15 ads available each day, and its highly recommended that you view them ALL to gain the 9 cents a day )


Step 4:


You should continue the previous step untill you have 2$ account balance, this will take around 5 days if you stay active and do some small tasks in addition to clicking ads.

at this point you will be able to cashout but its highly recommended that you dont.

Still patience plays a big role.

After gaining 2$, go buy another 10 Rented Referrals to expand your income.

At this point the calculations will look something like this:


- 13 Rented Referrals x 6 clicks at $0.005 each = $0.39 / day

- Clicking ads assigned to you, approx $0.09 / day

= For a total of $0.48 / day.


Step 5:


Continue the previous routine and be patient.

Keep saving money and buy packs of rented referrals untill you have 300 Rented Referrals total.

At this point you can finally sit back and watch the income stream in.

The calculations will look something like this:


- 300 Rented Referrals x 6 clicks at $0.005 each = $9.00 / day

- Clicking ads assigned to you, approx $0.09 / day

= For a total of $9.09 / day.

= total of $272 / month.


In order to get to this point you will have to be patient, i cant keep saying that enough.

Because thats the Only way you can become sucessfull at PTC sites.

Personally it took me about 40 Days to get to 300 Rented Referrals because as you keep purchasing more and more,

it will also become easier and easier to earn money and you buy the next batch of referrals faster

than the previous time.


Step 6:


At this point you should have steady income of $9 a day for doing literally nothing, as your referrals earn the money for you.

You can now just sit back and watch the money come to you, autopilot.

And you can cashout at any time you want.

But however if you keep expanding your referral emperium and get to lets say 1000 Rented Referrals. You will be making:


= 1000 Rented Referrals x 6 clicks at $0.005 each = $30.00 / day

= total of $930 / month.


Tips and Tricks: (Optional)


1. If you really want to earn the big bucks, you should consider upgrading

your account to Golden. That way your income will literally triple!


2. Make sure to enable the "AutoPay" system for your rented referrals, that way you wont have to worry about renewing them and they will

renew themselves for every click they make.


3. If any of your referrals is inactive for more than 14 days, it will automatically be replaced with a new one, for free.

However you can choose to recycle the ref before 14 days, and get a new one instead for a low cost ($0.07)


4. Make sure to play the "ProGrid" everyday. It offers bonus prizes ranging from $0.10 to $2 .

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