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interlude L2Warrios x30 Opening Server 25-02-2013


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Web: http://l2warrios.com/

Foro: http://l2warrios.com/forum

Download/Descargar: http://www.mediafire.com/?u65anz4louiahva

Crear Cuenta/Create Account: auto account




Disco duro: 2x 2TB - SATA2

Ram: 24 GB DDR3

Procesador: Intel Xeon i7 W3520, 4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz

Conexión: 1 Gbps

Ancho de banda: ilimitado



General Information :


Full Interlude Server.

Rates: Exp: 30x - Adena: 50x - Drop: 20x - Spoil: 15x - Quest: 10x.

Fully Working Interlude Skills

Fully Retail Like Skills.

Fully Working Clan System.

Debuff Bar Working.

AutoLearn Skills.

Active Staff.

Sieges Working.

Grand Boss - Raid Boss Working.

GeoEngine Enabled.

Auto pick up


Quests :


Class Changer : No Need Quest.

Sub Class : No Need Quest.

Noblesse : Full Quest.


Enchant System :


Safe : +3 - Fullbody +4

Enchante Max : +16

Enchante Rate: 50% Normal

Enchante Rate: 60% Blessed


Olympiad System :


Olympiad Working. Retail Like!

Fights at 18:00 -4:30 GMT

The Olympiad Period Is 2 Weeks.

You Need 9 Match And 1 Wins To Be Eligible To Hero.


Buffs - NPCs :


24 Slots + 4 Divine Inspiration (Auto-Learn)

2 Hours : Normal Buff

2 Hours : Dance - Song

2 Hours : Prophecies, 2 Hours COV

10 Min: Cat Buffs - Pony Buffs


Extra Info :


Shop till B-Grade

Vote Reward System

TvT Every 2h

Blacksmith and Merchant stay in Giran Town "Near gk"

Wedding System

Char Lv 1 get exp from a char lv 80

All character started with 50k Adena.

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