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[Private source] L2Fire x7 - Opening 3.1.2013.


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Presenting LineageII Fire - Release your Inner Flame!


Server Description

L2 Fire is a low rate (x7) High 5 LineageII project with retail features. Our server's development is focused around stability and optimized for an enjoyable gameplay. We at L2 Fire respect the fact that your time is valuable and we have made a really serious project where every feature is working and you can really enjoy your game without worrying about bugs or stuff not working or that the server will close. Gameplay at L2 Fire is unique because you can enjoy your game, team play, quest, PvP and PvE without lag and other annoying stuff.


Why play on such a low rate server?

When you first see an x7 Hi5 server, first what comes through your mind is something like: "I have no time for this", "too low for me", "I want more PvP", well to be honest I understand you, but, isn't Lineage 2 suppose to be a team-play game? Servers today are literally destroying that, they have destroyed a point of game! Did you know that its a lot more funnier when you have PvP on low rate then on high rate server? That is called a real massive PvP. Old school players will remember a time when people were going together everywhere, to farm, to fight, that is exactly what we want to provide, an friendly environment! Exp-ing at x7 server may be hard, indeed, but our staff is here to help you about this also! We are having an events such as double Exp day or 30% increased exp for a certain time and there are also vitality event. Also, there are several unique features which are not going to be reveled until server start. We are going to test our server to his final limits until server official opening date, just to make sure that everything runs well.

So, to sum up, L2Fire is low rate retail like server with a very, very little customs which are completely understandable and they are not making any disagreements with a retail-like fact.


Development and Support

Our server's development pack supports all High 5 features and has been tested extensively for bugs so that we ensure your gameplay is safe. Our support team, consisting of professional members with years of experience in LineageII development, is and will be online to assist you the best way possible. We offer plenty of ways to contact us so that you can get the best support that can be offered.


Machine Information

Our server is hosted on a powerful dedicated machine to ensure you will not experience any lag at all even when server is at its peak (sieges, fortress battles, TW etc). You can find more information about our server's machine in our website.


Website: http://www.l2fire.com

Forum: http://www.l2fire.com/forum

Chat: http://www.l2fire.com/chat.html

Email: info@l2fire.com


If you want any more info, please join our chat/forum, and feel free to ask anything!

Join the L2 Fire community today, have a nice time and... Release your inner flame!

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Server opening day has been announced!

L2 Fire goes live at 3.1.2013.

Join us now on open beta, our staff is here to support you!


More info about open beta on forum l2fire.com/forum .

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