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Custom server L2-Grave 2012-08-20d 16:00 gmt2+ time


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Basic rates :


*Xp = 5000

*Sp = 1000 *Party Xp = 2

*Inventory size 200 | WH size 200

*/unstuck - 15 sec

*Death penalty disabled


*Boss heal is not available

*Max buff ammount - 50

*CTF/TVT EVENTS every 1 hours

*Spawn protection - 60sec

*Unique gameplay

*Clan manager

*Skill enchant system

*Raid info NPC

*max sub 5

Enchant rates :


*Simple - 85 %

*Blessed - 90 %

*Crystal - 100 %


Max and safe Enchant


*Crystal +21

*Max +16

*Safe +4


*Hero weapons is enchantable

*If enchant fails with blessed, item remains at +4 state


Augmentation :


*Mid grade LS - 8 %

*High grade LS - 15 %

*Top grade LS - 30 %


*Anti mastery system

*Killing spree system

*Skill enchanting system

*Wedding system

*PvP color system system

*War legend - 7pvp

*Hero skills on all class

*Working siege system

*Main Town - Giran

*Teleportation durning siege is allowed to all towns

*Working clan halls

*Server NPCs in clan halls.


*voice comands :






*You can use private store with custom coins


Custom Items:


*GraveYard Weapons

*GraveYard Tattos

*And Special Hats

*custom item stats slightly different from NoCustoms!!.

Olympiad :


*Start time 17:00 +2 GMT

*Oly is online for 6 hours each day.

*Min registered players non-class : 5

*Min registered players class based : 2

*Hero changes on firday 12:00 (noon +2GMT)

*Skills are recharged after match.



*Dual box is allowed

*Dual box in olympiad is forbiden

*Dual box in event is forbiden

*L2Walker protection


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