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Anno 2070


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Hi there. Guess that most of you haven't heard about Anno 2070.

It's a strategy game. Futuristic environment, futuristic buildings and so.


Why do I do this topic?


Cuz that game's amazing, in simple words.

I'm a big fan of strategy games.


The only problem which occurs is :

The game is made by Ubisoft, which have only 1, official server.

Could someone check the game files, and get any idea how could someone open a private server?

I'm not asking for myself, I wouldn't get in such process. All I want is to be able to play the game, fully, without ''online restrictions''. Solo mode isn't interesting that much, after you've finished the solo campaign.


Plus, there are MANY, MANY players who would play the game, on private servers. That would be a great move for someone who has the skills to bring in life such private server. He could earn some extra cash.


Sorry for the long post, kinda drunk and tripping balls.


Waiting for replies!

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