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  1. So killer 007, how to overcome this....it's true that everytime I tried to access account 1, it can log on to choosing character windows but after that got disconnected. Any ways around to overcome this.... Thx and Rgds
  2. Hi Folks, Doesn't want to spoil, but a friend of mine said that he succesfully using this engine (http://forum.gameville.info/ ) with seal online setting to affect the speed and amount of hit in the l2off. What do you guys think about it? Is it really possible? Rgds,
  3. The Problem is when you run the invinsible script, everything (literally!) are missing except the map, and you coudln't do anything, just stuck on your place and when you're PVE with a lot of mob which agro on you, they won't go even when you're invisible, it seems that they know you're there then when you come back again, they will start hitting you back. Died several times because of this. So antitarget would be very much helpful since the enemy couldn't target us anymore, lol. Thx
  4. Yeah, me too, it just stuck at the spot, can not do anything, just being dissappeared, but it seems the monster know that you're there since they are not going back when you dissappeared, then when you appear again they start hitting you again, the advantage of it, is only the HP and MP bar are being recovered during dissappearing time. Hope helps, Any new scripts maybe?
  5. Any update to change the server and IP address? Because if we could then it must be very good for all of us.
  6. Do u have any scripts beside them? Really difficult to find them. Thx
  7. Well, I use Insibilito script in a C4 private server who uses official server and it works charm, maybe if we use Hlapex with sripting, it could work...anybody else have scripts ?? Thx