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  1. Updated my main post: Selling pack in L2Pandora: Titan 81. Tallum Heavy Armor set +4+3 Dragon Slayer+3 othel 7 Hallberd+3 othel 6 Doom Crusher +4 othel 6 Also a Mystic Muse accoount 80 16%, no ítems on it. The total Price for all the pack is 80e. Updated with screen.
  2. Hello, WTS on Pandora: Pack with 2 accounts: 1x Titan 80, all skill Learned, Set tallum Heavy Unsealed, Full Water Attribute +5 berserker Blade 50kk adena. 1x Mystic Muse 80 all skill learned, 80% attribute Fire Water Earth Wind, like 100kk adena Selling all the pack into 50e since I stopped server and want to recover a litte from my inversión. Pm for info and we can meet on Skype. Ignitewtc.