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  1. Storm Screamer Vesper robe set masterwork +6 full 120 rising star acumen +4 300 wind Vorpal jewels +6 Blessed freya +4 Skill + 20 skype name : bliettttt
  2. Vorpal robe set + 6 120 att Elegia shield +4 Vorpal jewels +8 with top auguments Zaken earring + 6 freya cloack tezza neck +4 Blessed freya +6 shirt hp +10 rising star acumen 300 water with water skill attack skill / venilpan acumen 300 fire with fire attack skill all skills + 30 passives / actives all 3rd class skills +15 passives / actives Pm offers and your skype
  3. Could you please inform me the price in pm ?
  4. Quick and safe transaction for 2nd time ++ from me.
  5. Listen stupid. First of all learn to speak better. Then learn to be a trusted ppl. If you need the money just ask for money and sell something you have not air and don't be a scammer. ok ?