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  1. you probably right , i just figured out the connection between the issue and smart guard , firstly i thought it was an interlude problem but then it happened on high 5 as well and the only same thing on both servers was smart guard.
  2. It seems like this is happening with multiple servers i tried , i tried interlude and high 5 , i have to close the internet , run l2.exe and only then it will start. I suspect it is a problem with smart-guard
  3. stupid people think that the stupid shit they write are funny so i dont blame you. Lobotomize yourself and rid this society of your stupidity
  4. Hello guys , i have an issue: I try to play l2 damage but when i start the client , i see the game guard loading and after that the game doesnt load. I have to shut down the internet connection (remove the ethernet cable) and only then the client will load. Any help with this ? Thanks a lot