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  1. I wanna buy LoL account level 30 + champions.! I give first to trusted members or with a middleman(lain.psomas) price 10€ psc!
  2. αμα βαζατε το μυαλλο σας να δουλεψει θα βλεπατε ποιος ειναι ο ssdone!
  3. [gr] αινταααα εγω τι φτέω ρε ενα φιλαρακι μου ειναι και μου εχει πει να δινω το μσν για να κανει τα τρειντ εμενα μην με μπλεκεις οτι θες πεστο σε αυτόν!
  4. στα 3 μου αμα δεν γουσταρεις τον μπουλο!
  5. ha-ha what funny licker.! I don't find a fit text ;/
  6. something really different without tut ;$
  7. Wts my char at l2mafia Items: Full fighter +30/rb jewels +30 Tattoo of soul +16 Tattoo of power +30 (reccomended) Screen: Skills: Majesty lvl 3 Augm skills: Focus= Passive+Active Might= Passive+Active D.Might= Passive+Active Guidance= Passive Agility= Passive+Active Shield= Passive+Active Heal Empower= Passive Battle Roar=Active Heal=Active Lesser Celestial Shield=Active Other: Premium lvl 2(crazy stats) Hero. Price is discussable.ACCEPT ONLY MONEY. You can contact me via pm here or reply.
  8. LOL. That you want called My Tabs http://www.facebook.com/revealtab
  9. Locked because server is temporary down for change host.
  10. It says that but donate is alive.You can login at server for see it.