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  1. i cant find revison in engine.dll :S but tks any way
  2. hi all! im trying to get protocol version for a server with protection... i used to get it by hlpex, but the protection kills any program when i lunch l2 is there any file in system folder where i can decrypt and get that protocol version... thanks for help :>
  3. hi guys im having some issues with my l2w IG , everytime i use a gk i got disconnect when ported to new place if im not using l2w everything is ok any ideas on how to fix this issue? tks alot
  4. hi all let me make my dumb question some c4off servers have diferents ListID and itenIDs for each individual item, i think they generate a new id everytime u drop and get same item on floor , or compare to equal itens so i suppose it has some kind crypto... is there a way to get this crypto ? and use it to hlapex c4off servers ?