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  1. Egrapsa hdh to provlhma mou sto English section alla h apanthsh p phra ekei de me voh8hse kai toso opote 8a rwthsw kai dw :/ Loipon 8elw na kanw to exhs: Na xekinhsw ston Official (Pou afth th stigmh einai Freya) kai exw Win7. Opote 8elw (an exei kapoios na mou dwsei link) mia version tou L2Walker pou na trexei sta Win7, na einai gia Freya kai na einai cracked/authenticated... 8a plhrwnw pou 8a plhrwnw tis syndromes, na mh dinw kai gia to bot :P An den yparxei kapoia sygkekrimenh version, estw mia diadikasia p prepei na akolou8hsw gia na ginei authenticated to L2Walker 8a htan
  2. Does this work on the Official Freya Client? Or it is only for L2j Private Servers?
  3. Ok... My problem is simple: I'm about to begin playing on the Official Server. And I have Win7. So I want a version of L2Walker IG compatible with Freya Client (Cracked ofc) And a way to make L2Walker IG to run on my pc which has Win7. Can anyone help? :P