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  1. I get it from Fred, it's a official depmax, no cracked
  2. It's a L2OFF Server, with depmax protection, and soon with AdvExt64 (when it's launch) :)
  3. Yeah, we made a tests, 20 ppl's playing by 5 days for find/report a bugs :P
  4. Dear guys, i'm thiking about beta test :P
  5. Hello, For buffs 3jobs, chants, etc... You will need to use the "Ticket Buffer", it can get by "GW Coin", all this is no-donate, just farming :)
  6. Official Launch on 14/08 at 14:00 GMT -5 (Eastern Time)
  7. Hello Nyx Thank you for your answer what's the problem about the link? here it's work perfectly :)
  8. Cool, can't buy a sticky
  9. Hello, I wanna send a message for maxtor, but when i try to click on "My Messages" > "New Message", i get this error: An Error Has Occurred! You are not allowed to send personal messages. thank you!
  10. The L2 Gateway is coming with the best of l2 hellbound 50x pvp server for you, here are some features: * L2OFF Hellbound * Farming system: Boss, Epic Boss and Custom Zones * Auto Learn Skills * GK Global * Safe Enchant: +3 * NPC Buffs Full (3h buffs) [Obs: Buffs, Songs and Dances 2 job] [3 Job, Chants and others use Ticket Buffer, farming in zones] * Armors and Jewels grade A, B and C unsealeds making with Adena * Weapons grade A, B and C with SA making with Adena * Armors and Jewels S sealeds making with Adena * Weapons S without SA making with Coin * Put SA in Weapon