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  1. u see anywhere i use imitate? download the proof and see my text and his text !
  2. i don't know , no one know my password . it was arround 20-30 words anyway i will wait maxtor and now i get bored change email every day i feel like prisoner
  3. i love kids like kids that their act is like a lmao br here we got more proofs.. For mods : i want a track ip ::)
  4. Where is maxtor when suddently they scam me .. i haven't got any fcking proof with cloud only with SoNiC as all know me is the name on league of legends .. anyway waitttttttinggggggggggg
  5. haha omg they scam my acc , wait for proofs . ! Anyway , when i was play league of legends suddently i log MxC and i saw disconnected , then someone change pass-email . Proofs http://www.4shared.com/document/9qmFEMtH/lalosftwhotmailcom.html
  6. Geia sas pedia , exw ena provlima me MySQL , eixa antimetopisei kati provlimata me aftin , kitakste ena error pou m vazi Opios mporei na m help euxaristo.
  7. Hi paidia anoigw ton server kanonika kai kanoune new char alla sto start den tous vazei paramenoune ekei.....deite ti petaei sto game server
  8. no ban :@ its official league of legends in 2 days so i dont need banx D