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  1. Hi, I'd like to sell mine ISS PP 99 lvl ~38%. Dualclass is SK (SoS) lvl. 94. ISS has old Mystic Immunity, so it's perfect for Oly/Pvp. TW HEAVY SET 3x60 atri Event REQUIEM CUTTER+3 155 atri 2xSA 5 Slot Brooch Ruby, Vital Stone, Obsidian, Diamond, Opal lvl.3 Tanzanite lvl.4 Shirt+5 PM for more info.
  2. WTS Adena and ITEMS on GAMECOAST ASGARD x7 Server Adena - 1kkk - 2,8e Items: +13 Dark Amaranthine Retributer 3 SA (Acumen Mystic/Empower/Feoh) 300 - 170e Dark Eternal Robe Set +8/10/8/10/8 fully resisted - 195e Blessed Valakas - 100e Blessed Antharas - sold Abundance Lvl1 High Grade - 50e Sapphire Lvl 5 - 50e 7s Talisman - sold Payment via PayPal only
  3. 100kk - 4,5e stock - 2,5kkk+ Money first Paypal by gift only
  4. Hi, I have 2 chars on new Arion server. Mystic Muse 85 -Vesper Robe set+3 900 atri -Vesper weapon+3+acu+300 atri -Vesper/Vorpal jewels -Noblesse status (2 subs, 1 75 2nd near 70) -Premium acc for about 4 weeks more -Good skill enchants (majority +13, some 3rd class skills +15) -all 81/82/83 skills -some other stuff (cp shirt+4 etc.) Cardinal 85 -Vesper Noble Robe set+3 1200+ atri -Vesper clean weapon -Vorpal/Vesper jewels -Noblesse status (2x 75 subs, 3rd 6x) -All important skills enchanted (from +10 to +15) -all 81/82/83 skills -some other stuff (cp shirt+4 etc.) P
  5. WTS Adena on Arion x5 dex server 100kk - 5e Stock atm. 500kk Pm here, paypal only.