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  1. can some that its playing here on this server share a good tt quest script ? :/ the admin added something that makes the older scripts not to work .. :/
  2. we got 200 ppl online and more loggin... we are not even on hopzone or topzone .. so ... its free will so if u dont like it dont join but dont tell lies in comments :)
  3. Official Opening Date : 30.08.2013 Rates Exp | Sp: x5.000 Drop | Spoil: x1 Adena: x1.000 Enchant Rates Safe | Max: +4 | +18 Normal Succes: 75% Blessed Succes: 98% Gameplay Information Custom Commands .Dressme Custom Zones Normal Farming Safe Farming Clan Reputation PvP Zone Buffs: 32 | 15 : 3Hour *Noblesse Manager *Pvp/Pk Rank Informer *Augment Shop *Title Colour Manager *Npc Scheme Buffer *Custom tattoos and accessory *GM Custom Event with great rewards *5 Hours Buffs 32+4/15 *Colour and
  4. The meaning of my post was to show ya what he can do for money .. thats why u get 20k dmg .. and ya ask WTF ??? you ask how a normal player can kill that char .. and no ! wasnt a gm char .. was a player witch donated donno how much on that scammer !
  5. This post is for the Junkies ppl that are playing there and the new one who wanna join ..so think twice ! Well as some of ya know we tryed to buy this server from Junkie Aka hungry man witch make all for money but at the end of it we got scammed .. Scammer is his second name never ever trust him ! the reason that he is back now is that he needs more money form ya ..he saw that we are doing good with the server and he considered that he can make more money from ya ! well dear ppl let me infom ya where you play .. 1st photo is a guy ya all know .. the was playing on Junkie a long time