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  1. how to make Npc look like normal player character ? example gm shop ----> human duelist buffer ----> kamael soulhound etc... i tought it will be easy but i was wrong :D
  2. I use latest Epilogue Data pack and it look like... # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Mana Drugs/Potions # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This option will enable core support for: # Mana Drug (item ID 726), using skill ID 10000. # Mana Potion (item ID 728), using skill ID 10001. EnableManaPotionSupport = True and.... <list> <skill id="10000" levels="1" name="Mana Drug"> <set name="itemConsumeId" val="726" /> <set name="itemConsumeCount" val="1"
  3. ok topic can be closed.... and btw i think my english isnt so bad....
  4. Hello All i always keeped all NPC like buffer and Global gatekeeper in normal tables also teleports and npc_skills now i want make it that way keep default table NPC but make work Custom_npc example Global Gatekeeper from table "Custom_Npc" use only "Custom_teleport" ETC.... prapobly is silly to set but need help soonest its possible
  5. I want invite all players who prefere good L2 with no bugs i can say its fresh server becouse after reborn Xp x40 Sp x40 adena x 40 spoil x1 olympiad retail rules Safe enchant +6 max enchant +16 enchant succes rate 66% GM shop Global GK TVT event every hour squash event friendly GM make events Raid's retail rules total Class balance NPC buffer Buff time 1hour Buff slot 28+12 Auto class change So server is stabile its stabile from 5 years now after reborn its fresh so if u inturested visit http://www.l2gamegate.com/ and HF
  6. ok i didnt get rules maybe its fault of my bad english.... maybe i didnt know how to edit codes.... but my srv is online and im trying do my best... if no one want help... ok...
  7. always u tell me to change post or something else or tell me i should know how to do it so its the same thing....
  8. If someone is able to help pls help me before matim tell im idiot :D visit http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=141767.new#new and about barakiel problem is he dont spawn auto status when spawned 25325 1 91008 -85904 -2736 0 43200 129600 0 888658 371 after someone kill 25325 1 91008 -85904 -2736 0 43200 129600 1200000000000 888658 3718 look like this.... if i good understand spawn time vaulue 12000000000000 is a little out of range
  9. I Mean When player Teleport to hellbound he are dismissed from there becouse need make quest and im wonder how disable this
  10. donate is simple reason..... i dont wanne be milionere becouse of donates they are only for Server machine upkeep if i will have enough money i will make server with no donations but now its nessesery :/
  11. So Test server and if u want help http://www.jagtoplist.com/in.php?site=14039 Thx
  12. i need remove Quest for enter hellbound it gets ppl mad but i dont know how to do it.... somaone is able to help ?
  13. HALLO http://l2universal.net Rates: Xp Rate: x35 SP Rate: x50 Adena Rate: x120 Dop Rate: x1 Spoil Rate: x2 Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant: +5 Max Enchant: +25 Scroll Enchant Rate: 70% Blessed Enchant Rate: 75% Description: -Global Gk,GmShop,NpcBuffer,Custom moddified moobs -36 Buffs +18 Songs/Dances -Quite Good Balance Of Classes -Auto-Learn All Skills (lv1-80) -Auto class change -2 Hours Buffs -Retail Nobless Quest -3 Sub Classes (LvL=80) -Wedding System -Augumentation System -Attribute System (now suported to lv 4 in future to lv9) -Gold
  14. whole problem was in system.... when i changed for x32 make server online was only 2 min of work topic can be closed