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    Try....for a better life :)
  1. Hello guys i will be fast....I get this error when i open My bats.... Same thing on gameserver.....And Btw i tryed my olad L2j packs and i got the same error....its first time this happening
  2. thnx....I use Windows,i got everythink correctly...i uninstall installed my mysql,i tryed different packs....but nop.....It is like the db install its empty,and has nothink to install...but i tried all my packs,even my old packs.... yes it is...im not newbie ;P this happen to me first time...and i dunno wtf is going on...im out on this sport a year ;P
  3. Hello Boys....I will be fast...I tried to install my db yesterday and today....but i couldnt...no errors no nothink,just press Full install and it just ignore it and go to next stage,all the time same thing....i changes pack,i compiled a new one and all that....Fsss im out of ideas...i got no clue what happening....I'll apriciate your help.... ( sorry for my bad englesoo :D)
  4. omg mia xara einai to pack sou....katevase jre kai eisai etoimos http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
  5. Γειά σας πεδία,θα μπώ κατευθειαν στο ψητό....προσπάθησα να βάλω IL backup απο ενα παλιό πάκ σε ένα νέο τις ACIS,το κατάφερα ώσπου ένα σημείο....το gameserver κάνει Load χωρίς ERRORS....μα υστερα απο το Login,ο παίχτης κολάει στο START λίγο πρίν μπέις στο game...όταν λέω κολάει ενοώ πατάς start και τπτ δεν γίνεται...Τι πέζεται? :D ρωτάω εσάς που είσται πιο εμπηροι...
  6. File mhn akous ti sou lene,kai gamo einai kai h idea kai h pra3h...to testara kai einai bam!
  7. Γειά σας πεδιά,ήθελα να ρωτήσω αν μπορείτε να μου δώσετε μια γνώμη για το τη L2jProject να χρησιμοποιήσω..Για High Five client Thnx για τον χρόνο σας
  8. Lollll I get 12312312 ip's with all programs closed...
  9. Oreos file,para o server sou na einai opios nanai mpenei opios na nai vgenei,kalutera na valeis mia prostasia...esto mirkh
  10. pollu moufa...den doulevei to enchant skill...:P (project eteria to idio einai gia mena xD )
  11. Geia sas pedia,tha ithela na me voithisete ligo sto thema epiloghs pack gia epilogue Client..! thnx :) (enow ti eteria)
  12. File eyxaristo...alla mila ellhnika se ayto to section giati tha se kra3oun :D
  13. Apla otan to kanw enchant an exeis dei pote pos einai se epilogue...anti na mou di3ei 3erw go to modify skill me endei3h ga +2 kai thn eikona den mou dixnei tpt! kai leei +0! san na mhn ginete enchant!..