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  1. Finaly i make it : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZFSY5LPO In the video u can see my cursor make signs, i was opening Walker but u can't see it :/.
  2. I can't make vid bcause i'll go in holidays in 1 hours, sry guys.
  3. Hi, I know this exploit has been posted a lot of times but i discovered a useful method to use it. Sorry for my poor english i use a translater (lql). To make it you need a Stryder & L2Walker. Imagine you want to pass across the starting door of any necro. Move away a bit from the door and open the map of L2 Walker. Target Gatekeeper Ziggurat across with the walker's map and double click to advance to him. At the time when you are glued together on the door and what you will always run quickly, call the stryder and go up over --> Tadaaam you are across. You can do i