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  1. hello, i am looking for a drop/spoil+ treasure box patch for an interlude server. i searched everywhere i downloaded 2 patches but they didnt work. that's why i want someone to give me a patch which is tested in an interlude server. thanks
  2. thanks man and thanks to all of you! topic can be locked.
  3. you understood me! i want all players not to lose buffs after a die! so noblesse must become passive to all character's skills passive! and i cant find such this code... :\
  4. and how will i know how to change/add something in order to do it passive? :\ maybe if i changed the skilltype, would i succeed it??
  5. try to change l2 revision protocol by changing min protocol revision to 1 and max protocol to 999
  6. hello, is there any code to make the skill noblesse passive? i mean in order not to do it after a death or after a complete of its time, to be in the passives skills in order to be permanent for someone! thanks...
  7. in l2.ini in serveraddress you have to put your localip ( as you are the owner... owners login to their server from this ip and others from your no-ip ;)
  8. edit your l2.ini with l2fileedit and where is says serveraddress add (local). also make some changes in your firewall in order not to block the ports of login/game login.
  9. another time use search both of you, lazy!! for no-ip ===> http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=19649.0 as for the ports this site will help you to open ports in your modem : www.portforward.com Just find your modem,select the Lineage II and follow the steps shown in the pictures.
  10. *Open Eclipse Βρειτε - com/l2jserver/gameserver/network/clientpackets/EnterWorld.java η Line 327 το λεει ξεκαθαρα σε αυτο το τοπικ!!!
  11. hello, i would like to put my server on a dedicated server and i don't know which operating system to choose: Debian or CentOS? which is the best? and what are the main differences? thanks
  12. mpes mesa sta config tou server meta general k allakse t customnpctable!
  13. ασυνταξια στο φουλ στην προταση σου πιο πανω! μπορει να ρυθμιστει στο l2jmods μεσα στα config του server. ετσι οπως το εχω, ετσι βαλτο και εσυ # If set to True, kills from dualbox will not increase pvp/pk points # and clan reputation will not be transferred. # Default: True AntiFeedDualbox = True