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  1. hey sry i been busy:P it was www.lineage2world.com its a C3/C4 server with NO GM shop, well a GM shop on server 5 but only to B grade
  2. anyone know an exploit with the S grade crys? server i play there is alot of adena going round and someone told me it had somthing to do with S Grade Crys
  3. hmm i still try but it wont work i have no idea why i have tried all 3 download links, but everytime it says the download was unaviable
  4. i tried them but it wouldnt work now i gotta wait 2x mins :(
  5. can someone please post me a download link for L2srv : version 0.41 but not from rapidshare, seems it cant download it from there, will someone pelase upload it to filefront
  6. first time i have made one and im just wondering what i need and if you can give me the links where to download the stuff i need. L2J or OFF anywill do :) i already have SQLEVAL any help will be much appreciated