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  1. how many differnt systems did you try this on? it may work on yours but can it crash others. before posting an update like this for ppl to download, i would test it out to the best you can before giving to ppl.
  2. dude keep up the awsome work, you just might be what this forum has been looking for!!
  3. if you know what you are doing you can change any dat file to work for any client, trust me i have done it....
  4. the reason no one is playing anything above interlude, cuz not many ppl know what they are doing for final...
  5. can you plz let us know how you made it? plz plz plz ;D
  6. thx you very much, only wish other people were as helpful as you guys :)
  7. in the db they are set to L2Monster from L2Npc, i had to do that so they would atk back. the no hp bar shows up when you click on them in their name title.
  8. can someone tell me how to make a monster larger or smaller insize? thx
  9. I am using gracia final version 343, my problem is this..... when i make a new monster some will show no hp bar. it only happens to a few. if anyone know hows to fix this plz tell me. thx :)
  10. i'm not sure if this will work but i will give it a try, it is just nice to see someppl out there that give a damn about other ppl and still trys to help them out. thx you for your time in helping me.
  11. well back to the real question, if anyone like to know how to do this plz post here :)
  12. this is the section on moding and making new files, so i have the right spot. and to be corrected, modding is when you chance a file, i'm looking in making a new one so i'm not modding anything.
  13. where can i find this file? can you give me some steps plz :)