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  1. well ok i am noob :-( i can log in with L2W 1,99 and higher version.. i see all the stats... but i cant buff... nothing... i configure the walker... but he doesnt do anything... i searched in forum for 1 hour and didnt find any similiar topic... when i used l2w on interlude i had to have l2asrv.exe... on hellbound i need it to? or not? maybe mistake can be in my host? i had there this: localhost vip.towalker.com vip1.towalker.com vip2.towalker.com vip3.towalker.com vip4.towalker.com vip5.towalker.com 127.
  2. works fine... but it is nor rly much summoner friendly :) i cant find any function script or settings for summoners... on oficial l2net forum... damn... l2walker isnt workin on that server? cause it is a little bit easier... to bot with l2w than with l2net.. but l2net looks like much more better... but not for meh.. for walker noob :)
  3. can anyone tell me how to edit that l2.ini... what to write in.. or w/e... i am not sure what to write there :( i want to say... when i open l2.ini in my sys folder... there is no text... but just some signs using l2net -> IG