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  1. I'm glad that works for you. :)
  2. File information Report date: 2012-04-21 23:30:36 (GMT 1) File name: l2wserver-bypass-exe File size: 804352 bytes MD5 hash: 8ed6e914b5fff127f9bd1bc596407a93 SHA1 hash: 9fff3ef7327ced98d454803b9f95f43bb75d70f7 Detection rate: 0 on 9 (0%) Status: CLEAN Antivirus Database Engine Result Asquared 23:30:36 Avast 23:30:36 5.0 AVG 23:30:36 Avira 23:30:36 ClamAV 23:30:36 0.97.4 Comodo 23:30:36 1.0 Fprot 23:30:36 6.0 IkarusT3 23:30:36 T31001097 TrendMicro 23:30:36 Extra information File type: Executable File (EXE
  3. Sorry yea, Its hard to get that. I dont wanna that bypasser will be shared anythere + free malware... I thinking about more posts.
  4. Hello, today I will share with you one of the best L2walker bypasser. First of put L2WBypasser to l2walker directory. (Any l2walker version) Second do copy of l2waler.exe (Copy of l2waker.exe) Third Open byppaser and press open and select (Copy of l2walker.exe) Fourth open l2walker and play game. Download link here: http://bit.ly/JXwWxv
  5. Hello, I want to share the good stuff. My posts showing I am newbie and no reputation, so I wanna gain it for share smth useful. With this patch you can crack/patch system folder for walkers,phx,l2net and etc. Download link http://alturl.com/jpvs3 Virus scan: Antivirus Database Engine Result Avast 11/12/2011 5.0 AVG 11/12/2011 Avira AntiVir 11/12/2011 ClamAV 11/12/2011 0.97 Comodo 11/12/2011 4.0 Emsisoft 11/12/2011 F-Prot 11/12/2011 Ikarus 11/12/2011 T31001097 TrendMicro 11/12/2011 File is clean. I wish