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  1. Yes, other players have to get this patch too in order to read, but I think it's not a problem if server is with patch or updater... Ofc if you will be using this by your own, then idk, maybe start a topic on server forums where you play at, so others can DL it too.
  2. For those who don't know... Unichat is a modification of L2 files, which will allow you to write/read unicode characters in L2 chat. For Example: If I'll write in L2 chat: Сообщение ("Message" in Russian), I won't see it in L2 chat. With this file I will be able to read/write in other that latin based languages. I hope this helped someone...
  3. Have you looked on a screenshot lol? It's not the same... *On Topic: Send me a link in PM of server where you saw it and I'll try to get it for you ^^
  4. Really great buffer :) Thank you. PS: Waiting for Gracia Final version...
  5. Already Shared... http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=70138.0
  6. I have updated my client, used latest encdec, added already about 100 custom items and works like charm :)
  7. I told you lol... For me it sometimes just don't show those textures. Learn to read before you answering. PS: If you will fully read my message, then you can see: "MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU USE IT! (If you don't want to update your client again) If you want to try it, do it. If you don't, then don't do it... Make your own decision!" So if you don't want to use it, then don't... Why blaming me :) I told that I found it!
  8. If you think so... But next time, better take your time and test. Then maybe you can see something before you criticize. PS: I have a bit High Gamma... That's why you see it bugged... EDIT: I executed/closed client few times... There is some bug, sometimes it doesn't show some textures! MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU USE IT! (If you don't want to update your client again) If you want to try it, do it. If you don't, then don't do it... Make your own decision!
  9. Oh, now I understood what he meant :) Yeah, I just took Map, Textures and Animation files from Korean client and put it into CT 2.3 client.
  10. Flaming Mordor Weapons (For Gracia Final! But can be made for other chronicles...) Comment: If you found any bugs/mistakes, let me know. Screnshots: Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/256452471/Flaming_Mordor_Weapons.rar Credits: Pyromaker, L2Vendetta (Original Mordor Weapons) and StarChild (Flaming Mordor Weapons) Frozen Mordor Weapons can be found here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=70141.0
  11. Weapongrp.txt file fixed! Please Re-download if you had problems.
  12. In my opinion it's way batter than Gracia Final Lobby... It's so clean and stylish. :D If you mean how I made that "ss", then it's quite easy in L2... Just press "Print Screen" button and it will be saved in your "System" folder...