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  1. CHAR Details: Noblesse Duelist Lv80, 1st sub: Storm Screamer Lv80, 2nd sub: Titan Lv80 / 1000+ PvP - 100+ PK / ~30K Fame Pts. MW DUALS +8, HD with shock chance (for RB's - LABA etc), IC Set +3, TPA SET +3, MW TTS set with good resist augments + Some EPICS (Negotiable), S Shirt CP +4, Upgraded x3 Loyalty Bracelet, Premium Gold Pack + VIP Also can provide access to spoil-craft-shops system with tons of mats/parts/items/tods OR add items of your choice to premium account. PM here or add in discord for further information and pricing. Tunez #1449 Price for everything w/o epics